A Taste Of Salsa

"To guide and empower those who want
to enjoy the thrill of dance"


  • Provide students with a mixture of Cuban and LA style or even free style dancing.
  • Cater classes that would be suitable for all age group whether young or old.
  • Make classes fun and enjoyable.
  • Have a friendly teaching approach.
  • Will always commit to deliver our service to a high and professional standard.
  • Will make sure that students are achieving their requirements.

Salsa or any type of dancing should be fun and enjoyable for everyone.
With Salsacious we make sure that happens, we take away the stress from your learning and put joy in your dancing.

With Salsacious you will experience a friendly environment where you can comfortably meet new
friends which also makes it easier to learn the steps, whether by yourself, with a partner or in
a group.

"Surrender and make yourself the
instrument of music"

Do you have two left feet?
No sense of timing?
No rhythm?
Low self esteem?
Lack of confidence?
Are you shy?
No dancing experience?
Problems relating to the music?
Lack of exercise?

If some of these questions apply to you then:

Salsacious will help YOU!

No partner and never danced Salsa, No problem. Whether it be for fun,
for fitness, learning new steps, meeting new people or even for

"There are no limits, only your own level of desire and self-belief"